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CO2 reduction is what drives us!

In our production, we focus on purely plant-based recycling and waste materials. Our innovative disposal technology is always cutting-edge. As a certified waste disposal company, we are able to guarantee professional disposal and recycling of your purely plant-based waste or by-products containing oil and fat.

– Waste from food production

– By-products from food production

– Oleochemical products

– Purely plant-based defective product batches

– Soapstock from oil and fat processing

– Tank and stock residue

– Packaged cooking oil

– Oil and fat products

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Advanced CO2 reduction



Advanced bioenergy  –  advanced CO2 reduction

Cutting-edge advanced bioenergy. Waste-based raw materials that are transformed into highly CO2-reductive bioenergy. 

No competition with food production!

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable and clean future for subsequent generations.


Our end products are used in many areas of the renewable energy sector. We use waste cooking oil, fatty acids and other fatty raw materials to generate CO2-reductive bioenergy, which replaces fossil energies as a sustainable energy source. 


Purely plant-based source materials and a certified sustainable production are what we stand for at Neufett Twist GmbH & Co. KG.

❯  Fatty acids

We use purely plant-based fatty acids from the production of vegetable oils and industrial applications. Sustainable and highly CO2-reductive. Suitable for the production of biodiesel and for use as a raw material in bioenergetic applications.

❯  Used cooking oil from food production (waste cooking oil)

We also use pure vegetable fats left over in food production, i.e. industrial waste no longer suitable for use in the food or feed chain. This includes material from wholesale and retail as well as from the agricultural and food industries.

❯  Biomass

Pure plant-based biomass is a sustainable raw material for the production of biogas. It is a potent booster for increasing gas yields, based on nothing but waste materials! Advanced biofuel – be it solid, liquid or gas – results in advanced CO2 reduction!

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certified waste disposal company


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Quality, safety and the protection of the environment are our top priorities. The products and services we offer are constantly monitored and guaranteed by certified quality assurance systems. This makes us a reliable partner at your side.

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