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CO2 reduction is what drives us! 

We specialise in using leftover and waste foodstuffs that no longer carry any obvious value and reintroducing them into the energy cycle.

CO2 reduction is our top priority. 

Every day, we use our expertise to take Germany and Europe closer to reaching those all-important climate goals!

Betriebsgelände der Neufett Twist GmbH & Co.KG

25,000 m²

company grounds

Paletten der Neufett Twist GmbH & Co.KG

6,000 m²

factory halls

Recycling von Altfetten und Altölen

200 tons

daily processing capacity

Flüssiglager der Neufett Twist GmbH & Co.KG

4,000 m³

fuel depot


Based in the municipality of Twist in the Emsland district of Lower Saxony, Germany, we process pure plant waste material to create highly CO2-reductive bioenergy.

​We turn our raw materials into so-called “advanced biofuels”. In Annex IX Part A, the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) describes these raw materials as starting materials for advanced biofuels.


We want to reduce CO2 to achieve the climate goals so that future generations can live unaffected by climate change.

Recyclinganlage der Neufett Twist GmbH & Co.KG


recycling methods


What distinguishes us is that we design and construct our own production plants. 

We are specialised in extracting oily and fatty products and set the standard for industrial disposal.

The process of turning recycling and waste material into high-quality raw materials can be adapted to any material flow.

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Quality, safety and the protection of the environment are our top priorities. The products and services we offer are constantly monitored and guaranteed by certified quality assurance systems. This makes us a reliable partner at your side.

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